About Me:

Hello, I’m LoliClown, a 23 year old Haunt Clown from the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my days are spent reading, writing, drawing, researching various topics/things and generally doing whatever piques my interest at the time. I curse like a sailor, and smoke like a chimney, so if these things bother you, I advise you stay away. I can be terribly shy, or very out going depending on the situation and my state of mind. I’m extremely clumsy, and prefer to stumble, trip and fall rather than walk normally to wherever I’m headed. I’ve also made it a habit to crash into walls and hit my head regularly, and I only wish this were an exaggeration. I’m a very loyal friend, and very kind and respectful to those who I deem worthy of my kindness and respect. It’s wise that one does not cross me, because though I can be nauseatingly sweet, and I can also be the worst fucking bitch you’ll ever meet. I joke around a lot (can’t help it, I’m a clown), and I am incredibly sarcastic and can be somewhat arrogant at times. I will call you on your bullshit, and I’m not afraid to tear anyone a new asshole if necessary. I’m admittedly very flirtatious, but I know what is and is not appropriate behavior. So, to put it simply, I’m just another cluster-fuck of a human being. If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to ask at any time! I’m pretty much an open book, so don’t be shy!

Below is a list of various things/topics that I’m generally enthusiastic about, or often pique my interest (with little Metroids to help guide you!):

Goth, Deathrock and Punk fashion and culture
Body Modification
Art, visual and performance
Universal Monsters and monster movies
Horror/Gore/Grindhouse/Simulated Snuff/Exploitation Films
Everything relating to Halloween/Samhain
Medical anomalies, birth defects, strange anatomy, body horror
Special Effects Make Up
Things that are Morbid/Macabre
Anything ever created by Jim Henson and Jim Henson Productions, e.g; The Dark Crystal, The Muppets, Labyrinth, Farscape, Mirror Mask, Sesame Street, etc.
Traditional Witchcraft and Paganism
Victorian, Elizabethan,Roccoco & Edwardian fashion
Edward Gorey
Dolls, Puppets, Marionettes and Ventriloquist Dummies.
Bones/Taxidermy/Wet Specimens
True Crime, Criminology, and Forensics
Japanese street fashion, mostly Gothic Lolita and Shironuri
Costumes, cosplay, extravagant, gaudy, OTT clothing.
Theatre, Opera, Ballet, Battle Re-enactments.
Black comedy, Dark Humor, and Bad Taste.
Blood and Gore
John Waters and the Dreamlanders and anything related, especially Divine
Human and Animal Anatomy and Biology
Mental Illness and Health
Comic books, Anime and Manga, Disney, and Rubber Hose Cartoons
Sex Positivity, Human Sexuality.
World History and Social Studies.
Books and Reading
Gender-Fucks, Hard Femmes, Drag Queens, Club Kids, New Romantics/Blitz Kids… fabulous, beautiful people in general

Anonymous: would you ever have sex in a graveyard?


Anonymous: so, this is the thanks i get for working overtime